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    Besides unmatched elegance using acryllic plexiglass materials, our cupcake towers are different than all else you'll find because of the unique Center Theme Column, which allows your Tower to be "Distinctly You," customizing it to your color, theme, personal interests or holiday.

    Tower Size Flexibility

    Each Cupcake Tower can easily adjust to two different sizes: Full and Grande. Essentially, this means three shelves or four, with the difference being the large bottom shelf.


    Full Tower Size Option

    • Easily display 25 to 100 large cupcakes
    • Offers customizable Center Theme Column
    • Measures 23" in diameter at the base and 19" in height



    Grande' Tower Size Option

    • Easily display 50 to 250 large cupcakes
    • Offers customizable Center Theme Column
    • Measures 30" in diamete r   at the base and 31" in height.


    Center Themes

    The center column of each Cupcake Tower is customizable to your preferences. For example:

    • Have a rose theme for your wedding? Fill it with red roses!
    • Throwing a graduation party for your golf enthusiast? Fill it with golf balls!
    • Hosting a holiday party? Fill it with Christmas Tree ornaments!
    • Are you having a birthday party for your child? Fill it with colorful puff balls!
    • Prefer a modern look? Choose the colored glow theme!

    Dive in with your own creative ideas, or let us do the work with one of several Center Theme Kits available. Browse the Center Theme page for photos and cool ideas.

    Rental or Purchase Options

    We want your experience to be simple and easy. That's why we offer both a "Rental" or "Purchase" option. Renting is perfect for hosts of one-time events like weddings or graduation parties. Purchasing is perfect for caterers, event planners and rental agencies, and busy party hosts! Peruse both options to find out the best one for you.

    •  *7-Day Rental Price: $125
    •  *Purchase Price: SALE! $299 (Save $50 through 8/1/13)

    (*Rental & Purchase includes tower components for either a Full or Grande size)

    The "Cake Plate" on Top of Each Tower (Especially for Weddings)

    In addition to unmatched elegance, each tower also comes with a "Cake Plate" that sits on the very top. This cake plate is 9" in diameter, and rests on top 9" shelf. It is not bolted down to the rest of the tower, and can be lifted off and on a tower that is already set up. This allows for that wonderful wedding tradition of cutting a cake while still having cupcakes. The 9" cake plate is perfect for an 8" cake, and is a fantastic topper to your wedding tower. And even though we're talking about wedding cakes, it could just as easily be for celebrations like birthdays or graduations.

    Easy Assembly

    Nervous about assembly? Don't worry! You'll be able to set up your tower in less than 10 minutes, start-to-finish. Easy assembly instructions also come with each tower. Or print them out here. If you're renting, you'll also recieve packing instructions to quickly pack without the hassle. Then, slap on the pre-paid shipping label and drop off at your nearest FedEx dealer. Piece of cake.

    Use our Quick Response Email Form to ask questions or request a quote. Or, call our office in California from 9 am to 6 pm (PST).