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    Customizable Cupcake Towers  

    Photo Gallery

    Our Acrylic customizable cupcake towers offer limitless options for making your display uniquely fit your event, while maintaining a sleek, elegant appeal that showcases your cupcakes or finger foods in an upscale way. The first set of photos are stock photos from our office. The next set shows what some of our creative clients from around the world have done with their cupcake towers. Enjoy!

    A Few Client Testimonials...

    "Your parcel arrived safe and sound in plenty of time.  We were thrilled with it - it certainly is quite striking once it is all set up. We filled the centre column with small water balloons (filled with air not water) and the whole thing was amazing!  The clients were very pleased. Thank you so much for your assistance and we'll be ordering a 2nd tower in the near future".  Liz Sidoti (Sydney, Australia)

    "The cupcake tower turned out beautiful... better than the cake that was served!" Debi Jacoby (Irvine, CA)

    "The cupcakes were a huge hit last night, thanks to the beautiful tower! It showcased them perfectly. Thanks!"  Rebecca Clark (Sheridan, AK)

     "The photos didn't do the tower justice... it was absolutely beautiful. In fact, even the catering employees commented on it!"  Tina Williams (Carmel, IN)


    Courtesy of Rebecca Clark (Sheridan, AR) Courtesy of Liz Sedoti (Sydney, Australia) Courtesy of Debi Jacoby (Irvine, CA)Courtesy of Debi Jacoby (Irvine, CA)Courtesy of Shannon Mawhinney (Solvang, CA) Courtesy of Jamie Steller (Santa Barbara, CA)Courtesy of Liz Sedoti (Sydney, Australia)Courtesy of Tina Williams (Carmel, IN)